EBC Policies and Procedures

Automobile Insurance Provisions (doc)

Change in Status (doc)

Conference Room Scheduling (pdf)

Confidentiality (doc)

Courier Procedures (doc)

Defensive Driving Procedures (doc)

EBC Building Concerns (doc)

EBC Computer and Email Use Guidelines (pdf)

EBC Procurement Guidelines (pdf)

EBC Recycling Policies (pdf)

Employee ID Cards and Building Access (doc)

Financial & Cell Phone Information (doc)

Front Desk (pdf)

Guest Badges/Vendors (doc)

Illnesses and Absences (doc)

In Case of Accident Guidelines (pdf)

Independent Contractor Services Agreements (doc)

Job Announcements (doc)

Jury or Witness Duty (doc)

Keys/Security Access Cards (doc)

PBS Utah-TV Fraud Documents for Annual Audit (doc)

PBS Utah-TV Diversity Policy (doc)

PBS Utah-TV Privacy Policy (doc)

PBS Utah-TV Professional Image Standards (doc)

PBS Utah-TV Social Media Policy (pdf)

KUEN Bylaws and Guidelines

KUEN Diversity Policy

KUEN Fraud Document (pdf)

KUEN Privacy Policy

KUEN Website Terms of Use

KUER Fraud Documents (doc)

KUER Master Calendar (pdf)

KUER Production Handbook

Locker Assignments (doc)

Long Distance Phone Calls (doc)

Mileage Reimbursement Rates (doc)

Parking Options (pdf)

Parking Passes & Moratoriums (doc)

Security Policy & Procedures for The Eccles Broadcast Center (doc)

Station Tours (doc)

Suggestions/Complaints/Grievances (doc)

Telecommuting (doc)

Termination Procedures For PBS Utah/KUER/UETN/UIT Employees (doc)

University Closure Policies and Practices (doc)

University of Utah Benefits Information (doc)

Use of EBC Vehicles (pdf)

Visitor & Guest Scheduling (doc)